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Lakeland Trails Coniston Results

Live Marathon results will be shown below. Scroll down for provisional Lakeland Trails in Coniston results.

If you start at a different time without requesting a change before setting off, you won't appear in the result appear.

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2024 Series

The Overall Winners of the Full Series by gender and in Vet categories will be invited to our almost-world-famous Trails and Ales party which is taking place in Threlkeld in February 2025. We'll have prizes and certificates to hand out but unfortunately won't be able to post any to winners who aren't able to make it.


We publish overall results for all of the events, Spring and Autumn Series and also a 'Best 3' & a 'Dirty Double'. As with previous years, the fastest person will receive 1000 points, the second person 999 and so on. Prizes are only awarded to Series Winners, the rest are just for a bit of fun and curiosity.

We have produced two sets of 14-18k Series Results to celebrate the achievement of people who complete every one but also those who're running the Ultra at the Ambleside weekend (winners will only receive one prize). For 2024, the 14-18k Overall Results will exclude Ambleside.

VET categories are based on the competitor's age at the start of the first event they take part in.

U16 results are based on the competitor's age at the end of the season.

If a VET or U16 is in first place, they are also the overall winner.


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