Lakeland Trails is committed to working hard to reduce our environmental impact and to raise awareness of relevant issues.

We care about the impact we have on the environment and the Lake District - after all, it's where we live and it's our playground too.

Whilst we are making important changes to become more sustainable, our event footprint is small (only 10-20%) in relation to yours by participating and we acknowledge there are always things we can be doing better.

We want to avoid 'greenwashing' just to pay lip service to environmental causes so we're making sure that everything we do is fully thought through to ensure the solution achieves the desired aim - for our events and our competitors to have a lower footprint in terms of emissions and resources.

This may mean initiatives take a bit longer to implement as we take an incremental approach to them, but it should result in a greater impact.

For example, planting trees for the sake of it can lead to minimal gains in biodiversity and sometimes only offer a short-term solution if the trees are felled at a young age.

We carefully researched options before deciding how best to offer our BiodiversiTee initiative.

Our BiodiversiTee initiative (more information below) will mean that we will be ordering fewer t-shirts but inevitably we will have some left over at the end of the events.

These t-shirts are put to good use by CRCL, a charity based in west Cumbria, which promotes cultural awareness by arranging exchange trips for children from Tanzania. When trips to Africa take place, the t-shirts are shipped across with the visitors to be used as team kits for the children playing sport. Some tees also go out to Uganda with one of our runners, Martin Tilbury, to support his charity, The Bumba Foundation which provides education opportunities there.

We also send surplus tees to the Firefighters Charity which helps rehabilitate injured service people.


Nobody likes to see litter on the trails and there's rarely any left by our runners. Despite that, we send a Sweeper around at the back of the course to collect race signage, check gates have been shut and to check for any stray items of rubbish.

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