Top 5 Tips for Ultra Running

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Insights from those who know!

  1. If the pace feels too fast, then guess what? Yes, it’s too fast! Don’t get caught up racing the early speed merchants, you will only pay for it later. Slow down. However long the race is, the first third to a half is the warm-up. Let those who wish to set off fast go past you in those early stages…. more often than not you will see them again later on! Nicky Spinks
  2. Ultramarathons are eating contests, and it may not look like it but I’m a greedy runner. I can’t wait to stuff my face with nuts, chocolate, cheese, chia gels and gallons of salty noodle soup. Later in the race I may be more reliant on liquid calories. It’s best to drip-feed, every half hour minimum. Damian Hall
  3. Everyone has different race goals, be it to complete or compete, but crucial to all is the necessity to rack up time on feet in preparation. When it comes to trail ultras, hiking is really underrated in terms of building a good base of endurance and leg conditioning in a low-risk way. Even the very best ultra-runners hike during hilly races, so it makes sense to train for this. Paul Tierney
  4. Don’t look or listen to what other people have done in their training. They’ll likely tell you they’ve done more miles, more ascent, more races (equals more over-training)….. but blank it out and trust your own preparations. Try not to study what other runners are wearing, what they’re carrying or talk in-depth about their fuelling plans. You already know what you like to wear, what you like to carry and what you like to eat, so don’t change your mind because someone else is doing something different! Nicky Spinks
  5. Running a long way in uncomfortable running kit is a great way to turn yourself off the sport! Take the time to try different pieces of kit so that you iron out any issues well before race day. I also know that a poor fitting pair of shorts can make life hell (and possibly endanger reproduction of life). I use shorts with a nice inner lining to stay comfortable throughout ultras. Paul Tierney