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Ben Mounsey's tips will help you run further...

The aim of this training plan is to try and successfully make the transition from 5k to 10k on the trails. Over 10 weeks, pace and strength should steadily improve, after a combination of both speed and fast hill sessions with plenty of rest and easy running in between.


  1. The most important tip is to find yourself a suitable pair of trail shoes comfort and grip are the key. My personal recommendation would be the Roclite 290. Make sure that you train in the trail shoes you plan to race in. Never wear new shoes for a race!
  2. Vary the terrain that you run on, although most of your training should ideally be on the trails.
  3. Hill sessions: Choose a hill/s that suit/s your needs (study the ascents in your intended race/s) and vary the incline.
  4. Speed sessions: There are plenty of places to do your speed sessions. Use your local running track, the canal (my preferred choice) or pick a quiet road where you won t be battling the traffic.
  5. Core workouts: Work on improving the strength of your core muscles to help compliment your running. I try and include at least 3 core workouts a week into my training schedule. On the training plan, I have included at least 1 per week, but this can always be increased depending on the individual. An example of a core training plan can be found here.


Ben has a 10km PB of 30:45, so he knows a thing or two about training.

Ben Mounsey is an inov-8 ambassador and has won multiple vests and medals when representing both England and Great Britain in mountain trail running. Follow Ben s plan, and you too will get the best out of your race day 10km.


Download the training plan in Microsoft Excel format HERE

Ben mounsey