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1st September 2021

I'm sure you'll agree that any abuse directed towards our Crew at any time is simply unacceptable and shouldn't be tolerated.

One of the things I love about our events is how kind and friendly everyone (including our amazing crew) is. Everyone raves about this and it's evident by the number of smiling faces at the events, whatever the weather, creating that distinctive 'Lakeland Trails atmosphere' and making all the extra effort of putting the events on recently so worthwhile for everyone involved behind the Trails.

Unfortunately, the wonderful Susan, pictured above the '1', has been receiving some pretty nasty emails from a handful of people recently because they have waited until beyond the last minute before contacting us about their entry when they've had many months to do so and are then surprised by her (polite) response only a week or two before their event.

We even had someone contact us after Hawkshead wanting a refund because 'they thought it had been cancelled' when we could see they'd read the pre-event emails!

You may have found that other companies haven't been as flexible as us - they didn't have to be, and lots of you have told us how good a job we've done at keeping you informed along the whole process.

That's thanks to Susan, who's been faced with an unprecedented number of emails as we've done our best to swap and change everyone (mainly accurately - we're only human).

I'd like to say a huge thank you to her for going above and beyond...and then a little further to keep on top of the inbox, and apologise that she's not been treated in the way she should expect or deserves.

Unfortunately, we've had to tweak our Ts and C's, available now from our website, to advise that we won't tolerate abuse directed towards our crew, either at the events or in correspondence.

It's sad to think that this is necessary and we're grateful that nearly everyone reading this email wouldn't dream of writing such things.

See you in a cheery Keswick - there's no rain forecast so everyone will be even happier!



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