Information about your re-scheduled and upcoming events

We're incredibly grateful that you've all been so supportive and understanding throughout this challenging time. The fact that nearly everyone has deferred to a different event makes a huge difference to us because it means we can continue putting on the Lakeland Trails in the future.

We were all set for a fantastic year on the Lakeland Trails, with everything checked & serviced and having already bought many of the supplies like t-shirts and race numbers for Cartmel, before we took the decision to postpone it (just before the official lockdown). Since then, our small team has worked extremely hard liaising with landowners, councils, Mountain Rescue teams, suppliers, volunteers (and the list goes on) and, of course, you, to ensure that the events were successfully re-scheduled.

Our plans for a modernised entry system have had to be put on hold so it's been a huge job manually arranging the transfers to different events. Because of this, the information you might like to have may not be immediately to hand so we've compiled this list of FAQs to answer most of your questions about your next event.

Please get in touch if there's anything else you need to know and see you on the Trails again soon!

I’ve submitted the online deferral form but I haven’t had confirmation of my new entry. Where is it?
I’ve submitted the online form but I can’t remember what I asked for. How can I check?
My deferred entry is not showing in my 'pending events' list. Where is it?
I requested a deferral to 2021. When can I choose my event(s)?
My event has been re-scheduled but I didn't tell you I wanted to change to a different one. What has happened to my place?
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